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Results-driven and innovative digital consultancy based in Cape Town, South Africa. Nailed Digital specialises in building and optimising websites, and mobile and web applications. Our ability isn't just limited to pure coding. We also offer web consulting services, so you can enjoy a healthy return on investment. We love empowering businesses to maintain their own products by providing specialised, in-house training on web technologies and best practices. We bridge the gap between the idea and the end product.

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All projects begin with an idea. You come to us with yours – big or small – and we'll investigate its technical feasibility and financial cost.

The next step is planning the execution of your idea to meet your expectations, and deliver on time. We'll guide you through each step of the way, and provide you with project delivery milestones.

Once all planning has been completed, and we’ve agreed on wireframes and designs with you, we'll kick off the development phase. Our development process is completely transparent – you'll receive a link to your project’s progress to check on our delivery milestones.

After development has been completed, and all the parties involved have finalised developer testing and user acceptance testing (UAT), we’re ready to launch.

Once your product is launched, we’ll start tracking all the parameters that are required to measure your project.

If we find anything that could be improved or not working as expected, we'll optimise the process.

After optimisation, we'll continue to measure your project – making sure everything is running smoothly and keeping an eye out for more possible improvements.

we are the best at

  • HTML(5) / CSS(3) / JavaScript / Angular.js
  • 90
  • Node.js / MEAN
  • 80
  • ASP.NET / Umbraco CMS
  • 85
  • Database Development (SQL/NoSQL)
  • 80
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • 75
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